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mark Flow of installation work (Example in thermal high temperature pipes)

Installation of ancillary equipment for a monitoring system

  • 1. Welding of electrode pins
  • - Polish the positions where stud pins will be installed.
  • - Weld measuring electrode pins with stud welding machine.

Welding machine

Stud gun

Welding of studs for pins

Pipe with the welded studs

  • 2. Wiring of current supply cables and sensing cables
  • - Connect current supply cables and sensing cables to electrode pins.
  • - Pass an electric current to see if there is any disconnected cable.
  • - Apply anticorrosion coating in the area around electrode pins.

  • 3. Dressing of current supply cables and sensing cables (in the case of thermal pipes)
  • - Dress all cables when recovering thermal insulation and sheeting at the particular positions.
  • - Put protections on the connection positions.
  •    (Install connectors into a terminal box placed aside of a steel pole.)

  • 4. Adjustment, measurement and training of FSM-IT equipment
  • - Set a tag for each position.
  • - For each measurement position, check the operation of FSM-IT equipment by default setting.
  • - Conduct training as to how to proceed with the measurement by FSM-IT equipment.
  • ■Used equipment
  • - Disc grinder
  • - Stud welding machine
  • - FSM-IT measuring machine
  • - Note PC

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