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mark Performance and advantages

Non-destructive measurement features and continuous measuring/monitoring

- An automated measurement system achieves highly accurate monitoring of external, internal and inside conditions.

- The coverage area is extensive.

- Wiring extension and communication lines allow remotely-operated monitoring.

Detectable defects

- A wide range of diagnosed anomalies such as changes in metal compositions can be detected and monitored, including corrosion, thinning, pitting corrosion, cracks, fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking and welding flaws that are present in the positions not accessible and detectable by any of the existing non-destructive techniques.

Measurable structures

- Electrically-conducting pipes in all shapes, pressure vessels, ships and tanks, and buildings including bridges.

- Any electrically-conducting metals regardless with the nature of base materials.

- Diagnoses are possible unaffected by environment or internal conditions of equipment.

- Measuring under such conditions as high radiation, high/low temperature (-40℃~-700℃), high pressure (250Pa), at a high altitude or under water is available.

High cost-efficiencies

- Measuring can be conducted while a plant is in operation.

- Scaffolding and putting /removing warming materials are unnecessary.

- Qualified individuals are not required.

- Accurate measurement and monitoring are possible with minimal human measurement errors.

- A quick measurement (about 5 minutes) is possible.

- A highly controlled security is available thanks to an accurate remaining lifetime diagnosis.

- A lean pre-arrangement of replacement materials is possible.

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